Brand-building tactics for multi-location marketers.

5 Best Pinning Practices for Restaurants

With 93% of Pinners shopping online in the past six months, marketers plan to increase efforts on Pinterest this year. Restaurants in particular, need to jump on this train. People “eat with there eyes,” which is why food is the most searched and most pinned category.
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How (Not) to Respond to Low-Rating Yelp Reviews

Eventually, you will receive low-rating Yelp reviews. Maybe your waiter dropped hot, saucy spaghetti on a customer’s egg white Polo shirt. Or perhaps your cashier temporarily forgot how to open the cash drawer, backing the line, causing frustration and resentment.
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Yelp-Help: 10 No-Nonsense Tips for Organic Yelp Reviews

When you want to request reviews, don’t ask directly. How can you create organic reviews? Here’s ten practical tips for you to try.
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8 Twitter Mapping Tools that Find Local Customers

Find what locals are talking about with these eight Twitter mapping tools. If these tools are new to you, don’t worry. I’m a pretty tech-savvy twenty-year old, and I had no idea these existed.
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While not Mr. Roger’s neighborhood, is a new social media platform with more emphasis on social than media. Local businesses do well to start using with these six ways.
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7 Social Media Challenges facing Franchises

Without appropriate challenges, businesses won’t grow. So here are seven social media challenges franchises should expect.
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How to Prevent Abusive Language on Franchisee Facebooks

You want your franchisees to use Facebook for their businesses. Furthermore, you want conversations on those Facebook pages, that is, you want the franchisee to communicate with customers and customers to communicate back. But you fear abusive language: the nasty comments, the bad reviews, the hate mail, the spammers, the hackers, the haters. What do you do?
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This is And it will make your franchise amazing. is a virtual neighborhood. If LinkedIn is for professionals, and if Facebook is for personal profiles, Meetey is for communities and neighbors.
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How to Remove “Ghost Town” Franchisee Facebooks

Unused franchisee Facebook pages are pages your franchisees create and then abandon. Usually, this happens when franchisees change ownership or management. What do you do?
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The Pros/Cons of Franchisee Facebooks

Do franchisees need Facebook? The Pros: a franchisee Facebook localizes the business, organizes pertinent information and creates a database of customers. The Cons: a franchisee Facebook is hard to maintain, flawed from the get-go, and requires to much content. Do the pros outweigh the cost? Read to find out…
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