Brand-building tactics for multi-location marketers.

5 Best YouTube Practices for Restaurants

Created by three PayPal employees in February 2005, YouTube has risen from just a few short clips to over 300 hours of video streamed every minute.
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5 Best Pinning Practices for Restaurants

With 93% of Pinners shopping online in the past six months, marketers plan to increase efforts on Pinterest this year. Restaurants in particular, need to jump on this train. People “eat with there eyes,” which is why food is the most searched and most pinned category.
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Is Your Franchise Marketing So 1990s?

Though most of the world has moved forward in the digital era, many local businesses still market like it’s the 90s. They use traditional marketing tactics, such as …
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Yelp-Help: 10 No-Nonsense Tips for Organic Yelp Reviews

When you want to request reviews, don’t ask directly. How can you create organic reviews? Here’s ten practical tips for you to try.
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13 Ways to Draw College Students to Your Local Business

As a recent college graduate, I’d say I’m pretty close to the collegiate spirit of our era. So if I was a local business, how would I market to this group?
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Amazon Local Helps Local Businesses Succeed

With the release of Amazon Fire, many are suspicious of Amazon. Are they trying to close small businesses? Are they that audacious? Maybe. But to be fair Amazon does have a local side, Amazon Local. And it’s actually pretty cool.
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Digital Ecosystems make Franchise Activities EASY.

In the last decade, “ecosystem” has become a catchword for marketers, advertisers, and businesses. But what do we mean by this term? And how can a “digital ecosystem” save franchise managers time and money?
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While not Mr. Roger’s neighborhood, is a new social media platform with more emphasis on social than media. Local businesses do well to start using with these six ways.
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[Infographic] What are Your Customers Buying for 4th of July?

4th of July spending, particularly for food, travel, and fireworks, has heightened in the last four years. So we created this infograph to track the change.
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7 Social Media Challenges facing Franchises

Without appropriate challenges, businesses won’t grow. So here are seven social media challenges franchises should expect.
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