Brand-building tactics for multi-location marketers.

Digital Ecosystems make Franchise Activities EASY.

In the last decade, “ecosystem” has become a catchword for marketers, advertisers, and businesses. But what do we mean by this term? And how can a “digital ecosystem” save franchise managers time and money?
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How to Prevent Abusive Language on Franchisee Facebooks

You want your franchisees to use Facebook for their businesses. Furthermore, you want conversations on those Facebook pages, that is, you want the franchisee to communicate with customers and customers to communicate back. But you fear abusive language: the nasty comments, the bad reviews, the hate mail, the spammers, the hackers, the haters. What do you do?
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We have worked with some great brands. Just a few are:

  • Mike Patton Auto
  • Shell
  • Best Western
  • Lincoln
  • Summit Food Stores
  • Ford
  • Honda

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