Brand-building tactics for multi-location marketers.

Beginner’s Guide: Video Marketing for Restaurants

Food marketing depends on visual quality. That’s why many restaurants are now switching their strategies from older outboard advertising to video marketing. Videos save customers time: a 30-second video can communicate the same amount of information as a 10- to 15-minute article.
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9 Things Panera Bread’s Website Does Right

With 1,845 bakery-cafes in 45 states and Ontario, Canada, and with plenty of following to open another 1,000, Panera Bread is one of the rare franchises that blends artisan sandwiches with an ambient atmosphere reminiscent of European cafes
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9 Reasons Why Zoe’s Kitchen Does Content Marketing Right

In Greek, “Zoe,” ζωή, means “life,” and, indeed, the Mediterranean styled franchise, Zoe’s Kitchen, is full of life. With made-from-scratch recipes, with a cool Mediterranean-colored milieu, Zoe’s Kitchen has quickly expanded its franchise from Pennsylvania to Arizona.
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7 Cultural Movements Franchises Must Be Aware of.

Since art has been around longer than shelter, franchises do well to take note of cultural movements. What do I mean by cultural movements? Cultural movements people—whether they be artists, writers, scientists, engineers, marketers, or poets—centered around the intellectual achievements of a select few. Those involved in cultural movements want to imitate these achievements, thus[…]
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[infographic] The Growth of the Franchise Industry

Which franchise industries are growing, where are they growing, and what should we expect from them in the future?
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Amazon Local Helps Local Businesses Succeed

With the release of Amazon Fire, many are suspicious of Amazon. Are they trying to close small businesses? Are they that audacious? Maybe. But to be fair Amazon does have a local side, Amazon Local. And it’s actually pretty cool.
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Digital Ecosystems make Franchise Activities EASY.

In the last decade, “ecosystem” has become a catchword for marketers, advertisers, and businesses. But what do we mean by this term? And how can a “digital ecosystem” save franchise managers time and money?
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Don’t Let this Be Your Franchise: Google closes Restaurant

For 40 years, the restaurant Serbian Crowns had been successful. But in 2012, weekend sales dropped by 75%. Why? Something strange, something digital, something hidden is going on here…
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This is And it will make your franchise amazing. is a virtual neighborhood. If LinkedIn is for professionals, and if Facebook is for personal profiles, Meetey is for communities and neighbors.
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10 Tips for a Killer Content Marketing Plan (Part 2)

While not a guaranteed safeguard from closure, content can, indeed, exhibit franchises on the web. By exhibition, franchises build an audience. With an audience, franchises preserve themselves.
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