5 Best YouTube Practices for Restaurants

Posted on November 19, 2015

Created by three PayPal employees in February 2005, YouTube has risen from just a few short clips to over 300 hours of video streamed every minute. According to a July 2015 report by Google, YouTube shows no signs of slowing down:

-YouTube now has more than 1 billion active users.
-YouTube watch time has increased by 60% year-on-year.
-The average YouTube mobile session is now 40 minutes.
-On mobile, YouTube attracts more viewers aged 18-49 than any US cable network.
-YouTube’s top advertising partners increased their ad spend by 60%.  

Creating a YouTube channel for your restaurant will help fill those empty seats and solve your slow nights. If you don’t have a YouTube account, well you’re in luck. Here are 5 steps to help you create one: 

Sign Up.

Luckily, YouTube doesn’t film anything. You do. You create your YouTube account. You choose what videos to display. You do the filming and the marketing.

If you haven’t created a YouTube account, then, start today. If you have a Gmail account, then you automatically have a YouTube account. But if your restaurant does not have a Gmail, you can create one by going to YouTube’s homepage, clicking on the “Sign In” link, and, then, clicking “Sign Up.”

When you create your YouTube username, always use the name of your restaurant. YouTube creates a URL out of your username and unique account, and by using your name as your URL, people can find your channel easier.

Brand Your YouTube Account.

Next, make your YouTube account unique.

To do this, match your YouTube with the identity of your restaurant. In other words, brand your YouTube account. Branding your YouTube not only sets you a part from other restaurants: it tells viewers what videos to expect from you.

So, first, change your profile picture to your logo. Then, fill out the “about me” section. Don’t be lazy. Make sure not only to include a full description of our restaurant, but also your address, hours of operation, website link, and links to all your social media accounts.

Create Original Content.

Once you have your account created and branded, then you’re ready to start uploading videos. If you haven’t filmed any videos, now is the time to start planning.

For one, don’t worry if you don’t have professional equipment. Most YouTube videos don’t use professional equipments. It’s YouTube. Not Hollywood. Your smartphone will be fine.

If you’re struggling for video ideas, here are a few that most restaurants could benefit from.

Customer Testimonies

Ask customers to tell stories about your restaurant. This can be anything from personal interactions with waiters to reviews of your dishes. If your customers are camera-shy, offer a free entree.

The Lives of Your Employees

Interview each of your employees. Who are your waiters? What do your cooks cook at home? Who are the farmers that grow and harvest your fruits?

Manifest your employees’ passions, interests, lives. If they play an instrument, build models of planes, own a garden, tell us about this. Humanize your staff, and we will grow to trust your brand.

Live Event Footage

If live bands play at your restaurant, film them. Film sporting events, holiday nights, parties, weddings, anything that shows your restaurant in activity.

The Menu

Highlight an item from your menu. If its ingredients came from local farmers, go to the farm and show their place of origin. Film the chef making the item from scratch. And, of course, always film someone enjoying the finished dish.

Create a Schedule.

Now that you know the kind of videos you’ll create, your next task is to create a publishing schedule.

Every Monday, for instance, could be the day you publish your a new employee profile. Wednesday could be “Inside the Kitchen: Today’s Specials in the Making.” And Sunday you could publish whatever happened over the weekend.

Whatever you decide, always think in terms of series. Your goal is consistently publish short videos. Sure, you could create one high-quality advertisement. But YouTube enthusiasts like new content. They would rather see a dozen short videos. Not a long one.

Share Videos Relevant to Your Brand.

Even if you’re not the originator, don’t hesitate to share videos related to your brand (as long as you don’t claim them as your own). For instance, if you and your restaurant care about organic farming, dedicate a channel to videos of farmers.

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