Brand-building tactics for multi-location marketers.

10 Tips for a Killer Content Marketing Plan (Part 1)

Content can preserve a franchise. Don’t believe me? Good. Skeptics learn faster than conformists. But I have many reasons for believing so. And, once convinced, I have a plan for implementing a content marketing strategy that preserves your presence on the internet.
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The Pros/Cons of Franchisee Facebooks

Do franchisees need Facebook? The Pros: a franchisee Facebook localizes the business, organizes pertinent information and creates a database of customers. The Cons: a franchisee Facebook is hard to maintain, flawed from the get-go, and requires to much content. Do the pros outweigh the cost? Read to find out…
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5 Storytelling Tips to Grip your Customers

Storytelling is a powerful way to comunicate truth. You can disagree, but narrative has a way of capturing meaning that logic cannot. In fact, we live by narrative. As the Spanish writer, Jose Ortega y Gasset once quipped, “Whether he be an original or a plagiarist, man is the novelist of himself.”
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4 Attitudes that Shred a Franchisee’s Local Marketing

Local marketing is not an option. It’s a necessity. Don’t buy into the franchising myth: “Franchises are stable. You don’t need to market locally!” Counter this and three other attitudes with these tips.
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Franchise Marketing: Sell with Meaningful Encounters

Your franchise may benefit from its brand, but unless you create meaningful encounters, your franchise will suffer.
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Franchisee Websites are Necessary; Some are Deadly

Do your franchisees have websites they can’t handle? Are they misrepresenting your brand? Here are some bad website qualities to look out for, and some ways to improve them.
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